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Here are 3 ways Americans can prevent terrorism at home Hits To This URL: 2457

"1. Eliminate gun-free zones
"2. Privatize the TSA
"3. Follow the law, not the leader"

How important is it for you and your family to be secure?  Do you feel secure from terrorism?  Are you confident that your government is doing everything possible to secure your from terrorism?

This short and to the point article outline three things we can do as a society to prevent terrorism here on our own turf.  The reasons for these three may or many not surprise you.  They do, however, make a very strong case for doing other than our government is doing now.

What is you take on thi?


Do Researchers Really Know Why Global Warming Is On Pause and When It Will End? Hits To This URL: 2200

The scientific method does not bend to global warming zealots.

Hypothesis, theory and fact are all distinct categories of human thought:
• A hypothesis is a tentative explanation that can be tested through investigation.
• A theory is an established set of ideas that can be used to make predictions.
• A fact is an idea always predicted by theory and always proven by rigorous tests.

"Global warming," "climate change" and "climate disruption" are phrases bandied by zealots with a vested interest in their claims.  If true, these conditions will require radically polarized expenditures of money to reverse such effects, which also require radical lifestyle changes for much of humanity.

Notwithstanding that "climate change" has obtained for as long as climate has existed, the hysterical response to the lack of empirical evidence and tested predictions would be hilarious, if not for the seriousness with which many powerful groups have taken this to affect our lives.

Why does this decades long pause or hiatus in "global warming" remain unacknowledged?  "It's fair to say that this pause is something of an embarrassment to many in the climate research community, since their computer models failed to indicate that any such thing could happen." In other words, this hiatus runs counter to the vested interest of many powerful people.

Nevertheless, the scientific method itself does not bend to zealots.  Do you?


5 Feminist Myths That Will Not Die Hits To This URL: 2418

In all serious debate, playing on a level field of facts is essential for each side to be heard and for each side to be most persuasive.  Feminism vs. societal favoring one gender over another is a serious issue.  Making the best case for those changes necessary to achieve equality between "the sexes" demands indepth understanding of issues yet to be overcome.  We must put untruths behind us, in order to create the best possible world regardless gender.

" ... armies of advocates depend on 'killer stats' to galvanize their cause. But killer stats obliterate distinctions between more and less serious problems and send scarce resources in the wrong directions. They also promote bigotry"


How Non-Profits Enhance Freedom and Markets Hits To This URL: 2215

What is your main reason for taking on the non-profit challenges?

"The recipients of nonprofit services reap substantial benefits from their operation, including that which is derived from scholarly think tanks, educational institutions, health organizations, family and religious organizations, cultural-ethnic societies, historical preservation societies, and those unconventional organizations that assist people with disabilities or place homeless pets into good homes. The individuals who benefit from charitable nonprofits have less autonomy when such services are the result of government subsidies and welfare arrangements."


20 Great Ideas for Your Next Corporate Video Hits To This URL: 6087

Reason so many corporate videos are poor is they don’t realize they have so many options available to not make a boring video

It will always be the people on the screen and the tale you tell that will make or break your video

Corporate videos should tell a story &/or got honest reactions from people @dspark 20 Great Ideas for Your Next Corporate Video


US Jewish Leader Henry Siegman to Israel: Stop Killing Palestinians and End the Occupation Hits To This URL: 2357

There is another way.  Gazans and Palestinians - perhaps not Hamas - are asking for what Jews wanted 65 years ago: a place to call their own.

There has always been another way, a peaceful way.

"If you don’t want to kill Palestinians, if that’s what pains you so much, you don’t have to kill them. You can give them their rights, and you can end the occupation. And to put the blame for the occupation and for the killing of innocents that we are seeing in Gaza now on the Palestinians - why? Because they want a state of their own? They want what Jews wanted and achieved? This is a great moral insult."


13 Essential Copywriting Tips to Help You Rank in Search in 2014 [infographic] Hits To This URL: 6579

13 Essential Copywriting Tips to Help You Rank in Search in 2014 [infographic]


The other side of the Gaza story Hits To This URL: 2416

It's critical to keep all things in perspective.  This article makes clear that Zionism is not identical to Judaism.  Since 1948, the Zionist project has created the new and improved Holocaust, whereby, one way or another, all living Palestinians are removed from Israel.  Other recent articles include photographs of Israelis sitting on lawn chairs around camp fires on hilltops cheering the new pogrom that is killing children, women, old people, et al. in Gaza for the sport of it.  No god I can imagine would call these the "chosen people."

This new and improved Holocaust is simply genocide.

"This attack on Gaza is an extension of the Zionist project, one to ethnically cleanse Palestinians and replace them with Jews. In this scenario, all Palestinians become the enemy and therefore in Israeli eyes, all Palestinians are legitimate targets, babies and children included."


Nude Beach Blow Job Jet Ski Fight Leads to Wife’s Death Hits To This URL: 2404

Nude Beach Blow Job Jet Ski Fight Leads to Wife’s Death


Watch Effective Videso Sells on Youtube! Hits To This URL: 2491

Watch Effective Videso Sells on Youtube!


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