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Google Places MDS Resource Hits To This URL: 691
Google Places for MDS Resource

The Internet Gets a Hall of Fame (Including Al Gore!) Hits To This URL: 820
"So it’s almost inevitable that nearly 30 years after the official birthdate of the internet, some of the net’s best-known pioneers, radicals, and troublemakers are being inducted into the Internet Society’s Hall of Fame."

HostGator Coupon Hits To This URL: 470
MUST use coupon code: leastgator

Premiere Facebook Fan Page Directory for Best Minneapolis Restaurants Hits To This URL: 10542
Who Else Likes Great Food & Fine Dining In The Twin Cities? We are proud to announce the brand new Premiere Facebook Fan Page Directory for Best Minneapolis Restaurants! This is the first of its kind Social Media Restaurant Directory in the Twin Cities entirely driven by you, the Twin Cities' finest restaurant patrons. What is your favorite restaurant? Tell us why and you may be eligible for coupons, dining perks and complimentary food. Your opinion matters. Like us if you Like great food!

Empty Bowls Robbinsdale Hits To This URL: 5833
On March 15th Let’s Fill Those Empty Bowls!

5 Tips for Making Your Brand More Social Hits To This URL: 944
"Need a good exercise? Compare your company brand to a type of car, a hotel chain, a CEO, etc., to see which one best represents you. Are you more Richard Branson or Bill Gates? Are you a Land Rover or a Prius? Ritz Carlton or Motel 6? Define your character and you’ll speak with greater conviction."

4 Steps to Create a Social Listening Strategy Hits To This URL: 988
"... listening is an ongoing process that is necessary to keep a strategy fresh and competitive. It enables decision-makers to find and better understand opportunities and stakeholders."

Why In-Person Socializing Is A Mandatory To-Do Item Hits To This URL: 925
"The First Place is your home, and the Second Place is your office. You have assigned roles and tasks at each place, and you know nearly all the people in each. The Third Place is where you meet with people you don’t know that well, or maybe at all, and you exchange ideas, learn about other people, and, as Oldenburg sees it, enrich society and yourself."

Give To The Max Day PRISM/ Hits To This URL: 1815
PRISM donation page on

PRISM Give To The Max Day November 16, 2011 Hits To This URL: 1724
"Give to the Max Day is an annual event sponsored by, a non-profit created to help other non-profits, like PRISM, increase their online donations. The event is three years old and has raised $24 million for Minnesota non-profits in its first two years."

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