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Groupon Doomed by Too Much of a Good Thing Hits To This URL: 711
"The real cause of Groupon's problem is that it had too much of a good thing. With over $1 billion of venture capital money to invest in growth, what manager has time to worry about profitability?"

Starbucks CEO to DC: You've been cut off Hits To This URL: 661
"All it seems people are interested in is re-election," Schultz told CNNMoney on Tuesday. "And that re-election -- the lifeblood of it is fundraising."

A Eulogy for Google Plus Hits To This URL: 654
"To know why G+ has failed, we must first look at how Facebook succeeded."

Google Buys Motorola Mobility for $12.5 Billion Hits To This URL: 635
"Android will continue to be an open platform, and Motorola will continue to be run as a separate business, Page added."

Amazing Photographs Taken From Above Hits To This URL: 738
Remarkable aerial photography, I think, is remarkable because, like Icarus, we crave a lofty perspective on life and this world.

Comscore finds 6.2 percent of smartphone users scan QR codes Hits To This URL: 694
"Folks are also apparently more likely to scan QR codes at home than at a retail store, and magazines and newspapers edge out websites or product packaging when it comes to the top source of the QR code being scanned."

Five Rules for Innovating in a Shaky Economy Hits To This URL: 664
1. Re-visit big, inflexible projects 2. Buy vowels 3. Add services 4. Experiment with new business models 5. Shape a portfolio plan

LinkedIn opts 100 million users into sharing private information within advertisements Hits To This URL: 688
"Any time that a user follows a brand, they unwittingly become a cheerleader for the company or organization if it advertises through LinkedIn."

USDA knew of salmonella at Cargill plant last year Hits To This URL: 811
"But the government couldn't report the findings, because court rulings prevent it from treating salmonella as a poisonous contaminant unless it's directly tied to an illness or death."

The other Asian giant: Companies are scrambling to decode the Indian consumer Hits To This URL: 701
"With 1,500 dialects and a multitude of faiths, India is more culturally diverse than China. India’s regions vary widely, too, from the richer, more literate areas around Mumbai and Bangalore to the poorer, less well educated states in the east."

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