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Nonprofit Offers Auto Repair For Those In Need Hits To This URL: 716

It's important, perhaps, crucial, to promote local resources that help lift those in need out of despair.  In Minneapolis, for example, Cathy Heying and Lift Garage assist you in keeping your car as an effective vehicle for getting to and from work.  Especially with this early, harsh winter, a running car facilitates so many basic family tasks, like getting to work, to school and grocery shopping.

We salute Cathy and Lift!

"The Lift Garage is an exciting new non-profit which provides low income Minnesotans with affordable transportation.

"The Lift Garage offers people a vehicle out of poverty by:

  • providing free or low-cost quality car repair,
  • offering skilled job training in the field of auto mechanics,
  • connecting with community partners to strengthen the support network; and,
  • linking customers to needed resources."


They Called Him A "Terrorist" Because He Had Waged Armed Resistance To Apartheid Hits To This URL: 626

Lest we forget the dialectic of American international relations, in 1981 President Reagan called South Africa’s monstrous regime "essential to the free world!" O, how time changes attitudes and our friends.

Perhaps, it is the subversive aspect of Mandela’s legacy that is most in danger of being erased as we place him in America’s pantheon of sanitized moral icons.  Walking in Nelson Mandela’s footsteps requires being able to tell the difference between power - American power? - and human freedom.

Freedom and liberty are two aspects of the human condition that separate us from beasts.  These are 2 things I most want to leave for my children.  They are also 2 things most in danger of disappearing forever ...

"From their perspective, Mandela’s critics were right to distrust him. They called him a 'terrorist' because he had waged armed resistance to apartheid. They called him a 'communist' because the Soviet Union was the ANC’s chief external benefactor and the South African Communist Party was among its closest domestic allies. More fundamentally, what Mandela’s American detractors understood is that he considered himself an opponent, not an ally, of American power. And that’s exactly what Mandela’s American admirers must remember now."


What If They Won't Let You Read The Bad Things They Do? Hits To This URL: 658

George Orwell's 1984 is a clear plan for managing information today.  Yes, that actual year came and passed us by.  The instruction manual remains forboding, especially in light of this year's Snoen-omy illustrating the Machiavellian actions our governments take to maintain power.

More to the point, perhaps, is the question: Do you want to know what you don't know?  Or, how much do you want to know what you don't know?

Is it really better to be safe than sorry?  Are you sorry that the US government, in cahoots with several allied governments, sift through all of your electronic communications?

Would it bother you if these same governments decided for you what you can and cannot see?  Would it surprise you to learn that they - the proverbial they? - are already manipulating infromation on the Internet?  Do you care if you search for something online and your government decides what you can and cannot find?  
It is for your own good, of course.  Don't fret!  You're safer by the minute.

The Gulag Archipelago of the mind ...

"Leaked revelations will be as pointless as dusty old books in some attic if no one knows about them. Go ahead and publish whatever you want. The First Amendment allows you to do that. But what's the point if no one will be able to read it? You might more profitably stand on a street corner and shout at passers by. In at least one easy-enough-to-imagine future, a set of Snowden-like revelations will be blocked or deleted as fast as anyone can (re)post them."


Google+: Effective Video Sells Hits To This URL: 745

Google+: Effective Video Sells


Facebook: Effective Video Sells Hits To This URL: 764

Facebook: Effective Video Sells


Obamacare is junk insurance Hits To This URL: 784

The sad truth is becoming clear, America's middle class is the beast of burden.  We must pay more for our health insurance so that others can have a free ride.  Somebody must pay for those free rides and it's rarely those who can best afford the subsidies.

There is no argument here that it is a goodTM thing that those currently uninsured will become insured.  What is decidedly missing are any people whose current plans are being cancelledand replaced by lower price and or better coverage.  If these examples exist, it would seem to be great PR for Obamacare.  Why are these examples not public?

"When Obama claims your old plan was 'junk,' he's not leveling with you. Your health plan wasn't canceled out of some kind of concern that you are insufficiently insured. Rather, you simply must pay more - and get less - to make Obamacare's finances work"


You Also Can't Keep Your Doctor Hits To This URL: 586

Sad, but true.  Politics aside, the reality is that many legacy health insurance plans are ceasing to exist.  Clearly, nobody can "keep" an insurance plan no longer provided.  In many cases, all of the options available to people in this situation are considerably more expensive and/or provide substantially less benefit.

Yes, of course, many uninsured will soon be insured.  That is truly a good thing.  I have not heard anybody anywhere argue that having health insurance coverage is a bad thing.

Nor am I hearing anything positive from our government about the currently insured who will lose both money and benefits under the new plan.  Of course, nearly all of these people are middle class Americans who carry the tax burden for so many less fortunate.  Is this the grand plan, to create a new class of previously fortunate, now less fortunate?

"My choice is to get coverage through the government health exchange and lose access to my cancer doctors, or pay much more for insurance outside the exchange (the quotes average 40% to 50% more) for the privilege of starting over with an unfamiliar insurance company and impaired benefits"


Stop Lying To Us, America! Hits To This URL: 559

Would you really tell a pollster the truth?  Are you ready to come clean in public about what you really believe, about what you're really going to do?  Or, like most people, are you much more inclined to say what you think makes you look good?

As this article clearly demonstrates, polls be damned!  Attitudes about Congress, our 2 party system, national debt and big government look one way in poll results; but, look entirely different post-election.  Are Americans too timid to actually act on what makes them look good?

"Who knows, one day a majority of voters may believe all the idealistic things they tell pollsters about the size, scope and ineptitude of government. But the evidence doesn’t suggest that we’re even close yet."


Meet Dave, A 19-Year-Old Craft Beer With A $2,000 Price Tag Hits To This URL: 482

What would it take for you to pay $2,000 for one bottle of beer?  What if that beer was very, very rare?  This one won a barleywine contest and has a keen cult following.  Last year, two bottles auctioned off for $4,525.56!

Is it time to think about beer differently?

"Dave is a barleywine - a strong, dark beer with 29 percent alcohol content. It's been aged for 19 years, first in oak barrels and then glass bottles"


612 Brew mobile review site Hits To This URL: 828
612 Brew mobile review site


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